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Core 21 Quick Hitter - Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse

Who doesn't like drawing cards Let's get to it!

Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse is all about drawing multiple cards in a turn. This does feel like a strange effect in the green color, but green actually does this quite well. So what are the X's and O's of this quick hitter? We're going to start drawing a second card early so we can start pumping out tokens with Jolrael. Midgame we're going to stick some more repetitive card draw engines plus stick some big beefy creatures thanks to all those cards in hand. Finally, we'll end the game with our MVP making an appearance. Team on 3: 1...2...3...TEAM!

Elvish Visionary ($0.11), Yavimaya Elder ($0.49), and Masked Admirers ($0.16) provide us with some early card draw so we can start making some tokens with Jolrael. Masked Admirers even has the added bonus of being able to return from our graveyard and be recast! Soul of the Harvest ($0.99), Keeper of Fables ($0.14) and Drumhunter ($0.42) are great creatures to get onto the battefield and allow us to keep drawing cards. What about some non-creature cards that help us keep our hand filled to the brim with cards?

Explore ($0.16), Harmonize ($0.60) and Momentous Fall ($0.52) allow us to increasingly draw more cards with Momentous Fall having the capability of drawing us a lot of cards and gaining us a lot of life. Lifecrafter's Bestiary ($1.16) may be one of the best card draw engines in green while without a doubt being the best budget card draw option. Garruk, Primal Hunter ($1.70) will help us create more beefy creatures while also having the ability to draw us 3 cards a whack the longer we can keep him on the battlefield. Now that our hand is full of cards, what's the payoff for that besides Jolrael's ability?

Masumaro, First to Live ($0.58), Maro ($0.17) and Sage of Ancient Lore / Werewolf of Ancient Hunger ($0.27) all get bigger the more cards we have in hand with Masumaro and Werewolf of Ancient Hunger scaling quite quickly. These big creatures make way for the MVP of this quick hitter:

Craterhoof Behemoth is the price of a budget Commander deck all on it's own as it's approaching $50. It's just not realistic to play in our deck. But our MVP is even better than Craterhoof. Who needs a behemoth when you have a stampeding rhino? Overwhelming Stampede ($1.13) is the MVP of this quick hitter. With 7 cards in hands, Masumaro is a 14/14. Werewolf of Ancient Hunger could be that big or bigger. Or with 11 mana, we activate Jolrael's ability and then cast Overwhelming Splendor giving all of our creatures somewhere in the neighborhood of +8 / +8 and trample and they may already be 6/6's or 7/7's already thanks to Jolreal. Overwhelming Stampede is a 3 point buzzer beater in this deck that will help you get a win out of nowhere in one turn.

So there you have it, 15 cards for $8.60 make this Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse quick hitter a slam dunk!

Stay Super,


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