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Super Budget Kels, Fight Fixer

Commander: Kels, Fight Fixer

Price: Currently $19.92!

Goal: Out grind opponents with epic amounts of sacrifice, creature value, and card draw!

Comments: One of our good friends wanted to build a budget deck around Kels, Fight Fixer because they love all things Dimir. We were up to the challenge because we've never build a $20 deck with a Commander this expensive before. Kels is currently $4 and chews up 20% of the budget before we even got started. Can we do it? Let's find out! As with all our builds, we center the decks around 7 themes.

  1. Ramp (Leaden Myr, Silver Myr, Apprentice Wizard, Soldevi Adnate)

  2. Refill (Bankrupt in Blood, Village Rites, Fact or Fiction, Mulldrifter)

  3. Removal (Tragic Slip, Price of Fame, Enter the God-Eternals, Ruthless Deathfang)

  4. Amass (Dreadhorde Invasion, Gleaming Overseer, Eternal Skylord, Vizier of the Scorpion)

  5. Aristocrats (Syr Konrad, the Grim, Falkenrath Noble, Vindictive Vampire, Bastion of Remembrance)

  6. Exploit (Profaner of the Dead, Rakshasa Gravecaller, Silumgar Sorcerer, Silumgar Butcher)

  7. Tokens (Nadir Kraken, Chittering Witch, Sengir Autocrat, Nightmare Shepherd)

Final Notes: Previous to this, I don't think we've built a $20 deck with a Commander over $2. So this was a fun and interesting challenge for us. One of the things we didn't want to do in building this deck was play bad cards simply because they were cheap. The whole point of building these $20 decks is to show people you can still do a lot, with less in the budget. We want to make Magic more accessible to more people and help people stretch their hobby money. We're really proud of this decklist and I think it will help us be more bold in trying new and more expensive Commanders!

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