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Core 21 Quick Hitter - Radha, Heart of Keld

The more of these quick hitters I do, the more I want to build all the decks and this one is no different! Let's take a look at our Radha, Heart of Keld!

This quick hitter is such an easy one to build because Radha, Heart of Keld just looks absolutely epic (and she does on all her cards). For this build, Radha isn't going to need the help of any other puny fighters, she's going to do all the heavy lifting herself. Yup, that's right, we're going full Voltron with this one. Radha can grow quite large quite quickly thanks to her second ability. The goal of this deck is get a lot of lands onto the battlefield ASAP and let Radha take down each opponent quickly via Commander Damage (21 points of combat damage dealt by Radha to an opponent). The X's and O's go like this: 1) we'll lay the foundation of our deck with ramp cards, 2) then we will explore other lands matter creatures and 3) we will head to equipment room for all the gear that Radha, Heart of Keld will be wielding. Our MVP will round out our build for a true buzzer beater finish. Ready? Let's go!

Khalni Heart Expedition ($0.32) is a great turn 2 play because it will quickly ramp us by 2 cards a few turns later. Harrow ($0.24) and Springbloom Druid ($0.28) are both going to ramp us by 2 lands but at the cost of sacrificing a land. The sacrificing effect isn't too much of a slow down because we can still tap the land for mana prior to sacrificing it. Ranger's Path ($0.18) is going to help us ramp even better by allowing us to search for Forest cards and not basic forests. Now we can go get a cheap dual land like Sheltered Thicket or Cinder Glade. And finally Nissa's Pilgrimage ($0.26) has the upside of getting us 3 basic lands for 3 mana! One the battlefield is filled with lands, what creatures will make the most most of those lands?

Llanowar Scout ($0.11) while not caring so much about lands on the battlefield, does allow us to play an extra land each and every turn. Beanstalk Giant ($0.14) is great because early game it will help ramp us and then late game we play it and it's another big body on the battlefield. Zendikar Incarnate ($0.11) is similar to Beanstalk Giant where it's power is equal to the number of lands we control. Cards like Fling and Thud get so much better with a card like Zendikar Incarnate out. Rubblehulk ($0.19) is a flexible card in that we can play it as a creature and have it be another huge creature like Beanstalk Giant, but we want to look to Bloodrush it for 3 mana and discarding to make Radha absolutelt enormous. Say we have 9 lands on the battlefield, we pay 6 for Radha's ability and another 3 to Bloodrush Rubblehulk, Radha is now a 21/21 creature. How much Commander damage knocks out an opponent? Oh that's right, 21! Now let's head to the equipment room...

Rancor ($0.82) is a great recurring piece to give Radha trample, Trailblazer's Boots ($1.03) practically makes Radha unblockable in almost every Commander game and Tenza, Godo's Maul ($1.25) is going to give her +3 / +3 and trample. Strata Scythe ($0.36) can help make Radha really big, really quickly because it checks ALL lands on the battlefield for the same name, not just our own. And lastly, Blackblade Reforged ($1.65) is yet another duplicate effect of Radha's ability. But is there a way for this deck to knock two opponents out at once? Let's go down for a quick interview with our MVP:

I am a sucker for cards like Fling and Thud. There's just something so fun thinking about throwing a big creature at someone. The downside of these cards is that you have to sacrifice the creature. But here come's Soul's Fire ($0.24) our MVP to save the day. After equipping Radha and using her ability and swinging for lethal Commander damage to one of our opponents, we can cast Soul's Fire and hopefully knock out another opponent through good, old fashioned regular damage.

So there you have it! Our Radha, Heart of Keld quick hitter checks in at $7.18 for the 15 cards. Not bad at all! There are so many more choices you can make with this build that I think she would be a great Commander deck to make. Gruul is often really budget friendly too so get to it!

Stay Super,


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